Heads up near Bristol UK please

Hello all,

This is really off topic, but any assistance greatfully recieved.

My Son’s father in law, Mark, set off in his car from Bristol on the morning of Thursday 26th November, to go for a walk, and has not been seen since.

He is an experienced walker, in good health, and frequently goes walking on his own.

Police have CCTV evidence that he left Bristol on the M32, but nothing further afield - so presumably he left the motorway network soon after.

So, if anyone is out walking in the area generally north east of Bristol, please look out for a black VW Polo reg WN 62 HRW parked up, and let the police know its location.

(Or if you have contacts in that general area who could help to look around…)

Many thanks,

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Mark’s car has just been found in Badminton, so he is thought to be within 5 or 10 miles of there…


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Hope they find him for you Adrian

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