Heading to Dominican Republic in April. No Association?

How does one start an association? I sure would not mind putting out a summit or two.

Kent K9EZ

I see you haven’t found the FAQ’s on the website!:wink:

"Q. My country does not participate in SOTA at present, what needs to be done to include our summits in the SOTA program?

A. It will be necessary to form a new Association for your country. To begin with, it will be necessary to find a radio amateur willing to act as the Association Manager (AM) and he should then contact Rob Harwood, G0HRT via the “Contact Rob” button on the About” page of the website (Summits on the Air) Briefly, setting up a new Association will involve writing an Association Reference Manual (ARM) which can be done by using a current ARM as a template, and producing a list of summits, which can be assisted by using certain on-line resources, but the MT can provide advice and assistance."


Sorry, I took the easy way out. I will go back and follow the directions. Thanks and my apologies

Kent .

No need to apologise, Kent, I know the FAQ’s are in an obscure place. Good luck with the Association, there are some quite significant mountains!