HB9SOTA Activity Weekend June 11-12 2022

The upcoming weekend, there will be the annual HB9SOTA activity weekend.
Many activators are currently planning activations in most of the cantons so far. The weather report looks good for the whole weekend, so expect lots of activators on the air.

It will also be a great opportunity to collect for the HB9SOTA awards and also for the USKA awards.

Happy Chasing and S2S!

73 Jens, HB9EKO


Thanks for the ‘heads up’, Jens!

More than 30 alerts from HB-stations so far. It looks like a lot of fun!
I’ll try to be on a summit on both days - hope to catch a few stations from across the border :wink:

Enjoy your event!
73, Roman


I am already looking forward to the event. It gives me the opportunity to chase more missing summits of the lowlands. (@HB9EKO I hope for a QSO with you Jens, because HB/UR-074 is also missing for me).

At the opportunity I will complete HB/SO as activator for me… I just don’t know yet when I will be on which Summit. Therefore I have not set an alert.

73 Armin


And what an event the HB9SOTA actvity weekend is turning out to be! 20m through to 10m in good propagation conditions for inter EU QSO, 100s of HB9er S2S QSOs taking place and the activators are providing a beanfeast for chasers as well. HB0/HB9HRM has also been QRV on 17m SSB from Liechenstein HB0/LI-007.

Well done to the HB9 SOTA Team for encouraging so much activity.

Phil G4OBK


Hi all,

What a nice HB9 activity for my birthday (64 candles :birthday:) :crazy_face: about 25 news unique today on the bag :+1:

Bad news ! all my antennas down now to make a new change here to do the challenge more possible :wink: with always 100W :smiling_face:

See you all in about… Friday may be !

73, Éric


Happy Birthday Eric @F5JKK and congrats to the new chased summits.

:birthday: :tada: :beers: :slightly_smiling_face:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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