HB9NBGs Clever-Whip Kit for 10m - a great DX-Performer

Hi folks

Carine and I took the warm temperatures the last few days to make some SOTA-activations by using HB9NBGs Clever-Whip Kit for 10m. We were using the KX2 with 10W of Power and were working in CW and in SSB. Our great DX-experiences shows, that our antenna-solution seems to offer a more flat take-off and to be more efficient, that other antennas like small whips as well as the well-used J-Pole - have a look at the analysis of my QSOs, which I’ve made with this antenna in the first half of February 2024:

Carine and I are really impressed :nerd_face: :nerd_face: My-self I know DX-ing very well from our big station - have a look at HB9NBGs QRZ.com-site. Because of that, it is very impressional to me, that it is even no problem to work DX-stations with weak signals between S1 and S3 - in CW as well as even in SSB - and all of them could read my YL Carine, HB9FZC everytime as well - altough we haven’t spot her on the activation :+1: That are really awesome experiences :open_mouth:

So, we look forward to continue with the 10m-Challenge and wish good luck o all of you as well :four_leaf_clover:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG + 73/88 de Carine, HB9FZC


unbelievable, congrats

Thanks very much Peter :grin: Yes, it’s really incredible, how this full-size solution performs. It’s what we teach in our antenna-workshop: A vertical halfwave-dipole respectively a 1/4-Lambda vertical with elevated radial has a real flat take-off-angel and is a very efficient DX-antenna. Carine and I are active with SOTA since 2015 - anyway DX-ing from summits is new and awesome experience for us :nerd_face: With the Clever-Stick as base a big playing field is opened - DX-ing is becoming very interting now on summits as well with light-weight- and high-performing antenna and without extra-mast :smiley:

vy 73 es gud DX de René, HB9NBG