HB9IIO hits 2nd SOTA Mountain Goat

Daniel, HB9IIO, earned his 2000th point as a SOTA activator on HB/FR-036 Mont Vully today.

Since Daniel wasn’t aiming for a rapid rise in the SOTA rankings (and the limelight that comes with it …), it took a good 5 years before he could be rewarded with a 2nd mountain goat.

Even more, congratulations!

Daniel deliberately wanted to celebrate this event without trumpets and fanfares, just on a small but lovely SOTA hill and accompanied by his xyl Silvia.
Equally small and unspectacular was the equipment chosen, a KX2 with a pocket-sized multi-band antenna.

Unfortunately, Space Weather was not aware of this special day, hi.
To make our s2s QSOs a little more fun today, I also used a KX2 with a similar pocket-sized multi-band antenna (log HB9BCB/P at the bottom).

Because Daniel lives in Lausanne very close to Kurt, HB9AFI, it is not surprising that Daniel and Kurt had an intensive exchange of experiences about their common hobby from the beginning and Daniel then soon and successfully tried to follow in Kurt’s remarkable footsteps as a top Operator in DX and IOTA and finally SOTA.

Daniel was infected with the SOTA virus on December 19, 2012 during a joint activation with Kurt, HB9AFI, on HB/VD-044 Tour de Gourze.
Looking back, Kurt still likes to remember the successful first activation of HB/VS-178 Trubelstock together with Daniel in July 2015.

As a former amateur marathon runner, Daniel also has the necessary stamina to be able to activate particularly beautiful and challenging SOTA summits.
This good athletic condition also explains why Daniel’s activation reports (in French) almost without exception begin or end with “Jolie Balade!” … even after long and demanding tours. Another reason for Daniel to enjoy the beautiful landscape and forget the hardships is because he is accompanied on many activations and trips abroad by his xyl Silvia.

Keep it up Daniel and always take care.

73 gl, Heinz

Below: Log HB9BCB/P



… and thanks for many S2S

73 Armin

Dear Daniel
congratulations for this achievement!

So nice of you to choose the Mont-Vully for this purpose! You can be certain that local SOTA participants living on the foot of this glorious hill (like me) are celebrating the event. We are humbly following your path and thankful to your kind guidance.

See you soon for one more bottle of wine. But this time let us offer you one of our own local Vully production please :smile:

A bientôt Daniel et amicaux 73,
de Fred HB9HWF

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A great and exemplary story – thanks Heinz for reporting it. I had a smile on my face to read that even here the roots go back to Kurt, HB9AFI. Daniel is one of these HB9ers where I try to train or apply my French language knowledge. I can’t do that that much since there aren’t that many Romands speaking it for SOTA.

Congrats, Daniel, enjoy your way ahead, and I’m sure: there are many further stops on a summit on this way. And help keeping an eye on the growing French speaking SOTA community in HB9. Thank you.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Congratulations Daniel! :beers: :beers:
73 Fabio

Congratulations on the second mountain goat :goat: :goat: Daniel @HB9IIO. Continue to have fun with the hobby. Thanks for the qsos so far and see you soon.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Daniel - congratulations - always a pleasure to contact you and on occasion to meet you on a mountain… hi. Keep up the good work and enjoy !

73 de Bruno HB9CBR

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Congratulations Dani,
Always is a pleasure find you in the bands. Enjoy the mountains and, of course, ham radio.
73 José

Congratulations Daniel and for the future, I wish you a lot of fun with SOTA!

73 Stephan

Congratulations Daniel for the new MG, great joy to celebrate today with our S2S, kisses for Silvia and for you.
EA4DOS Elena

Congratulations Daniel, and also congratulations for Silvia.
Our XYL are our best companions and guides on the mountain

Santi EA3O

Glad to have been part of your achievements Daniel.

David G0EVV

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Hi Daniel,

Chapeau bas :champagne:
Thank you for many S2S QSOs :wink:

I am happy to attend in opening your way to 3rd MG yesterday on OK/JC-048 :wink:

73, Jarek

Congratulations Daniel! 73 de John GR0MHF.

Dear Daniel
Also from me the best congratulations to your second MG :goat: :goat:. I checked my logbook, in the last four years we had over 60 s2s QSOs :+1: :clap:.
Keep up the good work, 73 de Arthur HB9CEV

Congratulations on the great achievement, Daniel :+1:
Andy sp9nli

Cher Daniel,

les meilleures félicitations pour ton deuxiéme MG!

73 Jens HB9EKO