HB9HC/AM Hot-air balloon special event station

HB9HC/AM on – and in – the air!

Using the callsign HB9HC/AM, the Helvetia Telegraphy Club / National Mountain Day Commission will be operating in the air during a hot-air balloon flight!

Date(s): Tuesday 14 Sept 2021 Backup dates: Wednesday 15 Sept, Thursday 16 Sept, Saturday 18 Sept.

2-hour hot-air balloon flight between 0530 - 0900 UTC (0730 - 1100 local time).

Scheduling a hot-air balloon flight depends significantly on the weather. The probability that a trip can take place on the intended date is roughly 50%, and the decision whether or not to take off could be made at the last minute. The web team will do its very best to keep the information as up to date as possible.

The HB9HC/AM team looks forward to making a QSO with you during that flight!

Additional details at: Helvetia Telegraphy Club HTC (E) - HB9HC/AM on the air

73, the HB9HC/AM Team


It’s in the diary, I’ll listen out and hopefully get my first balloon and first AM QSO :smiley:

What a great idea, Paul - keeping my fingers crossed for brilliant weather and a good drive. Looking forward to a report and some pictures, hi. Already had an /AM contact from a summit, but a balloon is something special!

73, Markus, HB9DIZ

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As it is the Helvetia Telegraphy Club, you probably won’t do SSB? Can you report about your experiences afterwards? I already fantasized to do chasing from a balloon, but have not pursued this further yet.

73 de Martin / HB9GVW

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Martin, you are correct, the operation will be CW only. There will certainly be a report on the HTC website, but there also seems to be enough interest that I will translate it and post a summary here.
73 Paul HB9DST

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HB9HC/AM is qrv now!
Good luck to the team and the deserving :four_leaf_clover:

73, Roman

Just got them a few minutes ago on 7.020 MHz :slight_smile:

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Tony nil here no one spot on cluster :pensive:
but a lot on RBN

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… they were extremely weak here on 7.020kHz (as expected). Just enough to grab a QSO :slightly_smiling_face:


ME TOO !! :=)

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