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Hi Matthias
Congratulation for reaching the mountain-goat milestone today with HB/GL-001 which is difficult to acent in Mai!
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg


Well done and congratulations on MG Matt. 73 Don G0RQL.

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Congratulations on reaching MG Matt.
73’s Ken

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Congratulations Matt on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congrats Matt and many thanks for all the QSO’s we had.
73 de geert pa7zee

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Hi Matt

congratulations for the MG in such a short time!!
73 Bruno HB9CBR

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Congratulations on reaching MG Matt. Andreas and Eva

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Hallo Matthias,
Herzliche Glückwünsche zur Bergziege ;-))!

73, Sylvia & Peter

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Congratulations on becoming a MG. 73’s, David, G4ZAO.

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Hello dear friends

Thank you very much for the congratulations. The Tödi had long been on my wish list and I absolutely wanted to activate it in the spring, in the months of March, April or May as a ski tour. (OK, but now it was a snow shoeing tour…) For me this is the optimal time for the Tödi. It’s hard in may? but in the summer, the ambitious ski tour becomes a challenging glacier tour :slight_smile: But anyway: Manuel and I want the complete! This summer? Anyone? :slight_smile:

I have finished a video, it appears together with an activator report by Manuel. coming soon! :slight_smile:

vy 73 de Matt HB9FVF

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Hallo Matthias

Herzliche Gratulation zum MG und das noch auf einem derart anspruchsvollen Berg wie dem Tödi.

vy 73 Hans, HB9BQU

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Danke Hans. Die MG Aktivierung soll ja auch etwas Spezielles sein :slight_smile:

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Hoi Matthias

Willkommen im Klub. Auch von meiner Seite herzliche Gratulation zum MG. Freue mich schon auf das nächste S2S oder wenn man sich wieder mal irgendwo über den Weg läuft.

vy73, Tom

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Thanks Tom!

Now the report is there in the Reflector. For those who have not seen it yet.

73 de Matt HB9FVF

Congrats, Matt, for MG and for that 1st activation of Tödi HB/GL-001.
I hope we’ll have many more SOTA QSOs to come.
Best 73,