HB9DQM Manuel is MG now

Although I have congratulated you in our QSO I would like to repeat it here:
Congrats Manuel on achieving Mountain Goat!
HB/BE-055 Wildgärst is undoubtedly a worthy MG summit, well done.

A good opportunity also to thank you again for the ingenious HamAlert application program.

73 gl, Heinz


Congratulations, Manuel and thanks for the S2S yesterday (we were on OE/NO-084).

On the summit we did not realize that it was a MG-QSO.

We hope to hear you again soon

Peter OE5AUL
Sylvia, OE5YYN

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Many congratulations Manuel. It is always a pleasure to work you. Sorry that I missed your MG activation.
All the best for your future activations.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Yes indeed, very many congratulations Manuel and glad to have the contact on your MG summit. I hope you took my advice to look beneath the snow for the moss to eat :sunglasses: Well done.

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Dear Manuel
Many congratulations. Like today it is always a pleasure to work you in a S2S-, a normal chaser- or a remote chaser-QSO with your FlexRadio in cw or ssb! Due to you I got rid of Swisslog for DOS and using now VK port-a-log during my activations. Due to you I was able to convert the SOTA-logs into proper ADIF-files. Whenever I come home from an activation due to ur converter in all S2S-QSOs the name of the mountains will automatically put in the QTH-field. In a S2S-QSO it takes the info from the SOTA-Ref. of the other station. Due to you I will one day also be able of running remote chaser-QSOs with you (when ever FlexRadio Systems is capable of delivering the Maestro console agn hi hi).
I am also looking forward working together with you, when you soon will be elected in the board of HB9SOTA. With your nomination not only the average age of the board will drop but HB9SOTA can share your IT-know-how. You found with IT-knowledge some new HB-summits. And that’s good news for every one!
Tks for ur help and all the best for your future activations!
73, CT7/HB9BIN/p, Juerg


Congrats, Manuel, for the valuable achievement and thanks for all the activations and the chases.
These are the QSOs we’ve made while you were activating and I was chasing from the shack.

These are the QSOs we’ve made while I was activating:

I look forward to many more in the future.

Good SOTA and happy MG!



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Good luck and congratulations on the MG Manuel,tnx for the activation’s. 73 Don G0RQL.

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Congratulations Manuel !

73 Sake, PA0SKP

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Well done, Manuel. Gordon/Stu G4FGJ.

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Thanks all for the kind words, and for the many QSOs! Through SOTA, I have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of very nice people, chasers and fellow activators alike. It’s great to know that no matter when and where you are on a hill or mountain with an HF radio, there are friends listening for you and eager to make contact. For me, SOTA is the perfect way to combine being outdoors with having something to keep the mind occupied, and I hope I’ll be able to continue activating for many years to come!

@G6TUH Mike, you were right about the moss! Luckily I had brought enough food so I didn’t have to test if becoming MG suddenly bestowed rumination ability on me :wink:

Below are some impressions of Wildgärst HB/BE-055. Elevation gain from car park to summit: 1440 m, of which about 1000 m with snowshoes in relatively wet and heavy snow.

vy 73,

Manuel HB9DQM

Wildgärst 2890 m from afar (the summit to the right of the marked spot is actually 4 meters lower)

Getting closer, 450 m left to ascend…

North face of Schwarzhoren HB/BE-052 2928 m (more of a summer summit)

Views from Wildgärst


Hallo Manuel

Congrats to MG, Due to QRL I was not able to listen for you, pity.
Thanks for all other QSO’s and the nice pictures of Wildgärst!

vy 73 Hans, HB9BQU

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Congratulations Manuel!
Since July 2015, on our joint activation of OE/VB-493, you visited another 163 summits for over 180 activations.
MG in less than 2 years - that is really impressive! Will be hard work for me to catch up again HI :wink:

Looking forward to many more joint SOTA expeditions!

vy 73!


Hi Manuel

Congratulations also from me. It’s always a pleasure to meet you or have a QSO with you.

See you next month on HB/BS-001.

vy 73

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Well done !!! Congratulations and happy MG :innocent: :slight_smile: . We hope for joint activation again.

73/88 Eva, HB9FPM and Andreas, HB9JOE

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Congratulations Manuel.

73 Jan OK2PDT

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Hi Manuel

congrats also from my part - always a pleasure to work you and thanks for the many points!
73 Bruno HB9CBR

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