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HB9DIZ Mountain Goat


It’s very often that Markus HB9DIZ recognizes and congratulates people who have reached major SOTA milestones, so it’s appropriate to point out that this week he has reached the magic number of 1000 activator points and has now joined the Mountain Goat club. Congratulations, Markus!


Congratulations Markus on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Hallo Markus alles gute zur Berg Ziege Nr.1.

lg Markus IN3ADF


Congratulations Markus!
Have fun and good luck on the next 1000 :wink:

Vy73 Fritz HB9CSA / DL4FDM


That’s an amazing achievement Markus, well done and enjoy the next 1,000.:sunglasses:


73 Luc , at the moment EA7/ON7DQ


Congratulations, Markus! We were happy to be one of your “Goat”-contacts!
Were planning to accompany you but the heavy rain in our area stopped us!
Look forward to many more S2S-contacts!

72, Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL


Hi Markus,very well done and congratulations on making Mountain Goat hope to work you on the next 1000. 73 Don G0RQL.


Congratulations to you Markus! :mountain: :goat:

I need to do more activation on 40m to get the hop to HB9. :wink:
Hope to see you at Friedrichshafen.

73 Joe


Gratuliere Markus zum Mounten Goat.
Danke für die Sota Verbindungen.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch,
Chris DL1CR photo gallery


Congratulations Markus on achieving Mountain Goat. Eva HB9FPM und Andy HB9JOE


Well done Markus! Hope to work you S2S soon.
73 de OE6FEG


Congrats Markus! didn’t realise that today when we were talking - very well done!



Hi Markus

Congratulations on your mountain goat ! Keep going

vy 73 s Bruno HB9CBR


Congratulations Markus for the MG status.



Congratulations Markus for reaching MG status.




Hi Markus,

Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat. Tks for working me several times!
73,Sake PA0SKP


Gratuliere Dir Markus zum Mountain Goat :grinning:

Beste 73‘ und auf baldige SOTA QSO…

Christian HB9GIN :switzerland:


Gratuliere, Markus!

73 de Jens, HB9EKO