HB9BIN/P Juerg's Challenge

Juerg on HB/SO-010

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Saw Phil, G4OBK working HB9BIN/P earlier (1650z) but not a smudge of Juerg’s signal at my QTH :frowning:

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Juerg on HB/BE-160

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HB9BIN/P on HB/BE-160 & HB9HCI/P on HB/BE-101

HB9BIN 03042020

73 Éric

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Juerg on HB/NW-022

Juerg on HB/FR-047

Juerg on HB/BE-124 now !

Juerg on HB/BE-110 - 40 meters

Juerg using FT4 on 40m just now, 7.5 second overs. FT8 on steroids!

Then Juerg went on to 20m also FT4 10 minutes later:

Waouhhh +29 he was in your garden Phil :yum:
73 Éric

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No Eric wrong way round - I was +29 in his garden hihi that’s FT4 for you. Hate to think of the SNR strength values when we go on 6m sporadic-E on FT4 next month!

73 Phil

OK Phil he was in your garden :crazy_face:
You no
Waiting for any sporadic here :+1:

Next month flavours challenge 6m, 10m & 12m all modes should be good! Us StayHome’ers sure to be around Eric…

73 Phil


I didn’t hear, see on the screen Juerg …

Phil yes
I want to show my Ten Ten # … Mine was just before VK9NS Jim Smith (SK)
Or was the SMIRK number ! don’t recall…
73 Éric

Edit : VK9NS was #47404 and was #47411 for the Ten Ten

40m FT8 HB/NE-007 Juerg HB9BIN/P

ScreenHunter 411

Always makes me think of James Bond and SMERSH…

“Ah Mr. Bond you are 59 in KO85”
“Thank you Blofeld, you’re also 59 in IO91”


Tried so hard to work HB9BIN today on FT-8 but no luck even though it looked like lots of nearby stations heard him—Im going to keep on looking for you!
Tom, N2YTF

Juerg on FT4


Juerg in HB/LU-025 thanks new unique :+1: :wink: