hb9bin/p - hb/lu-015

Juerg this afternoon was sending ref HB/LU-015, Napf, which I see was deleted on 31 May 2010. It is suggested that he is actually on HB/BE-154, Napf, which is valid from 1 June 2010. Is this a straight renumbering or is there another reason, and was Juerg sending the wrong reference?

73 Dave G3YMC

In reply to G3YMC:

Sorry to everybody for using an old SOTA-Ref.

I was on Napf HB/BE-154 !!! I used the old SOTA-Ref. HB/LU-015. I did not realize this, because I was able to make the Alert-Message with the wrong Ref.
It looks like that the real database and the Alert-DB are not the same! It would be great to match these two databases!

Tks to Uli, HB9CGA, for finding out my mistake and making the right spot!

The QSO’s of today with Ref. HB/BE-154 are uploaded.

I hope to work everybody again in the pile-up. I will go to HB/BL-002 (right SOTA-Ref.).
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg