HB9BHW/p used wrong reference

Tue 13.08.2015, 17:15 - 1725 UTC. My call HB9BHW/p on hb/gr-282 (wrong). This reference should read HB/GR-292. Sorry about this mistake. Made only 5 quick contacts on 20m into CT, EA and DL. Then I had to go QRT due bad WX.
73’s de Hans, HB9BHW

Hello Hans,
Just to say on 09/04/2015 we had a S2S qso HB/ZH-011 <=> F/AM-464.
In sotabase you logged my call: F6HHBI/P (to many H) instead of F6HBI/P.
May be you can correct it.
Best 73 and hope to meet you again on summit.