HB9AFI/p on HB/VD-002 - Oldenhorn

Congrats to Kurt (HB9AFI) for his first activation of the Oldenhorn!

You may see him smile to the webcam :slight_smile:

If interested, you also could watch the live-cam and a live-stream
viewing from HB/VD-004 to HB/VD-002.

Vy73 de Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

In reply to HB9CSA:Hello!
I hope there will be no wind up there.

Congrats to Kurt
Best 73
André - f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL:
very fine activation! nice signal in Normandy!
congrats for this summit
best regards

In reply to HB9CSA:
Nothing here in Reims, sorry !

But this 3123m ascent must be highlighted !
Congratulations Kurt.
Vy 73
Alain F6ENO

In reply to HB9CSA:

hello Fritz and the others who had no propagation, sorry that is 40 m, hi…
Yes a pretty tough one, nearly 4 hours of climbing… had some rig trouble, bad contact somewhere… and some other climbers on the narrow summit did not make it easy…

73 cu
kurt HB9AFI

In reply to HB9AFI:

Salut Kurt!

Glad you are save back home!!!

No problem about the propagation, we hear you from the next
"AFI-Mountain" soon (maybe VD-001…)on “our magic band” :slight_smile:
Good that your rig finaly works, I can imagine your feeling than.

Hope to see some pictures of VD2 on “Flickr” sometime.

Vy73 et à trés bientot

Servus Kurt,

Many thanks for the contact on 40m and the QRS, a true 599 from you.

A beautiful unique added to my collection.

Vielen dank!


Really good sigs near York Kurt - I knew it must have been a difficult summit when I saw no that one had activated it before. Congratulations on a successful and safe trip on what looks like a really “hairy” one!

73 Phil