HB9/F8CZI/P on HB/ZH-011


I just want to inform you that I was on this summit, this evening between 16:00 and 17:00 UTC.
In spite of a lot of calls, I heard no answer. Certainly because of a qrm to S9. I would like to know if someone heard me ? If yes, I’m sorry for the no response from my side.
I would try probably tomorrow on Wednesday 28/09 at the same time (more or less) to activate another SOTA in the region ZH (may be ZH-004). I will confirm with a selfspoting SMS in the sotawatch.

73 de Laurent HB9/F8CZI/P

In reply to F8CZI:
Sorry Laurent it was simply impossible for me due to S9+ QRM. I tried to encourage you to QSY via a new spot but I guess you didn’t see that. The QRM did clear later But too late for you.

I will try to listen out for you tomorrow.

Good luck,
Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:
Hello Andrew,
Thanks for your answer, I have seen that you have repeated the spot for me.
I heard nothing and I tried to find another frequency but there was a lot of qso on the band and I can’t find a small hole in the lowest part of the 40m band. In addtion, the time was short for me because it was an outing with the company and it was not possible to stay here for a longer time.
For tomorow I will have more time. I hope to contact you.


Laurent F8CZI

In reply to F8CZI:
hello Laurent,
in Zurich area you should be able to get me on 2m FM also.
I am monitoring 145.225 all day, together with HB9AGH, Ambrosi.
We would announce you as soon as we know that you are on 2 or 40m.
My QTH is at 760m NN in JN47pt and my ant is the highest point
in this area …

73 es cu on the SOTA
Mike, dj5av

In reply to DJ5AV:
Hi Laurent,
It was great to work you today on ZH-004. You seem to have had plenty of contacts so easily activated.

Thanks for the 2 points.

Andrew G4AFI