If you hear HB10DX today (01.03.08) the op is Kurt (HB9AFI).
Actualy no SOTA-activation but op. from the special-event-station
HB10DX to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Swiss DX Foundation.

A special award is available for working HB10DX ten times in 2008.
The “certificate” is an original Swiss army knife, very useful
to the SOTA-activator :-))

have a look to the rules on: http://www.sdxf.ch/HB10DX.htm

Vy73 and have a nice weekend

PS. sri no SOTA hr today, vy hvy winds, to dangerous!

In reply to DL4MFM:

Hi Mario,
right now he is on 7.022.1

Vy73 de Fritz