Did anyone make out what was going on on 40m this morning with HB0/PC5A?
Was it an activation as the Summit Ref seemed to have been a bit confused?
Daryl G0ANV

In reply to G0ANV:

Yes it was an activation Daryl. The spots page only allows you to enter HB and won’t accept the zero, hence the confusion with the summit ref. being HB/PC5a… instead of HB0/PC5 etc.
Hope that helps.


Yes, I spotted that little anomoly first thing this morning, and Mr SOTAwatch (ZFZ) is now aware of it. I think Jon is away from home at present though, so a fix may not be absolutely immediate.


In reply to GW0DSP:
Ok Mike thanks for that, it’s clearer now.
Regards Daryl.

I have spoken with Aurelio PC5A yesterday while I have been also in Liechtenstein. He will get a complete list of the summits of HB0, so they want to activate some more in the next two weeks. They are using an Elecraft K1 and a simple wire.

73’s, Ralf DH3IAJ

Jon has now updated the SOTAwatch software to cope with the three-character Association reference. All seems well, but please let us know if you still encounter problems.

73 de Les, G3VQO
obo SOTA Management Team