HB0/LI-004 - No Show!

Hi all,

Sorry for the now show today on HB0/LI-004 but should have paid more attention to previous Activation reports (and the wx didn’t help).

Looking a what maps I could find, it looked a relatively easy access coming in from the NW. So starting in Malbun (where we are staying), heading off on my own in southerly direction following the road and interlinking paths to the upper uplift station in the valley (or a corrie as we would say in Scotland). From here headed up the zig-zag to the top of the pass to be met with the full force of the wind. I could hardly stand :frowning: .

Looking up to the left, the summit appeared to require some serious scrambling. I started heading off towards it but and considering the serious conditions I decided to ‘chicken-out’.

So, I should have really come in using the Fürstin-Gina-Weg trail. That’ll teach me :wink:

Added to this, I do not appear to have any data capability on my phone in HB0_land? So was unable to Spot as to the ‘No-show’.

On the good side - out with the strong wind - a beautiful valley to have a wander in :slight_smile: .

Till the next time.



Hi Jack,

The Safe choice is always the right choice. Well done for pulling the plug on the activation!

As for Cell phone data and calls - I “think” Litchenstein comes under Switzerland and Switzerland along with Andora is NOT part of the European cell phone service deal. Going into Switzerland expect to get lots of increased call charges and if you are allowed to use data at all - expect it to be VERY expensive. Going to EU countries, you are charged the same as if you were at home (or very nearly - currency exchange £ - €) and you have the same data allowance as at home. In Switzerland, you are best buying a local pre-paid card if you can get one. SMS is a little more expensive than at home, but not as extreme as data or calls.

73 Ed DD5LP.

No worries Jack. Better to be safe.

I have had the same problem with mobile phone roaming in Switzerland, expensive as Ed states above. Currently with ‘3’ network which includes Switzerland. Sometimes been able to manually access a different network in another country (Austria in this case) if very close to a border!


Colwyn MM0YCJ