HB/ZH-015 today

I do appologize about the bad operating today on HB/ZH-015.
I had the wrong power plug with me, which did not fit! I tried to fix the problem with a piece of adhesive tape, but it always failed after a while and the rig suddenly switched off! So I decide to go QRT.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-25 um 14.01.17


Hello Juerg.
Thanks for the qso, it works fine on me.
Best 73!
André f5ukl

Bonsoir André
Désolé - aujourd’hui, le 25, tu n’es pas dans mon Log!
Mais avant hier, le 23, j’avais te copié très faible.
A bientĂ´t et meilleures salutations

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Bonjour JĂĽrg
Merci pour le message. Effectivement il s’agit du contact effectué le 23/11/2021 sur 40m. Ici KX3, 5w, InvVee.
Cordiales 73

Tjaa JĂĽrg

Dann musst Du HB/ZH-015 wohl noch mal machen… :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Liebe GrĂĽĂźe - Armin

Hallo Armin - ging heute (26.11.) auch nicht viel besser, Hi!

Murphy’s law also joined me today (26.11.) on HB/ZH-015!
This time the key has been affected. I guess, it didn’t appreciate the freshly, snow covered ambiance and the cool weather.
I hope I will get rid of Murphy’s law next time on HB/ZH-015.

A big thank you to all the loyal chasers!

vy 73 de JĂĽrg/HB9BAB