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HB/VD-023 Rochers de Naye May 19 2007


I did not plan this activation, but somehow the idea develops to go there with my parents. The summit is accessed with a train from the Montreux railway station. I want to thank G4SSH Roy and HB9AFI Kurt for spotting and working me. And all the chasers on 30 m: George GM3OXX working 1 W QRP, Cris GM4FAM, HA5TI, DL9SXX, F5CQ, HA3OD who I actually worked twice, Phil G4OBK, HA3LGB, GW0DSP and DL5HP. On 40 m DL8DXL, OK1HCG, ON7ZM, DL6KVA, GM4CFS, DL3JPN, DL4ALI, DL1FU, DL1AZZ, HA3OD, DL4FCK, DL2DXA and DF1DN. QRT 1302 UTC to catch the next train.

Radio: FT817ND, 2.5 W CW, 3x12 m low loop, T1 ATU