HB/TI-156 10-Dec-16

Hi guys,
Since the weather is merciful in this bizarre December, I have decided to activate an high mountain that was still missing for this year . I chose to climb up Vetta del Vallone 2150mt.

The summit is not too far from my qth, about 1h driving car and fiveteen minute of ferry boat.
I arrived in a tiny village called Cavargna crossing a long and narrow mountain road and I parked at the end of the main street ( the joke of the man who crosses the Swiss bouder driving in reverse popped into my head! Even if we were in Italy… HI! ).

My YL and I started to walk along grassy steel slant and after about 2h we reached the top.

Setup consisted in a tripod held in place using some stones, I remebered that there weren’t any point to fix my 10 meters telescopic pole.
This time, I used a random end fed about 8.5 meters with 8:1 autotrasformer and about 6mt couterpoint.
I changed also coax, 2 meters of h155 instead 1 meter rg174.
In this way I lifted the feedpoint at 1.5mt from ground, rig kx3 and 5watt.

The weather was fantastic, sunny with about 10°C and no wind.
In 20 meters I answered s2s CT2JLS/P Sergio from CT/BA-017 with good signal.
I started to call on 14.285 and I menaged 27 QSO in 1 hours.
I put in a log 2 DX N1GB George and RV9DC Sergei and two others S2S with EC2AG/P Antonio in EA2/BI-005 with nice report and HB9BIN/PJuerg in HB/BE-149, about 135km, too near for a good copy, but thanks to the patience of Juerg we could complete a QSO. The signals were climbing over Mt Jungfrau! wow!

Thank you for getting back to me and for the spot.
I think that this is the last activation before XMas, probably I’ll activate another summit before the end of 2016…


de IW2OBX Roberto


That last picture is spectacular.

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