HB/TG-010 & HB/TG-007 thumbs up

Hi all I managed to activate both of the HB/TG Summits today and was very pleased with HB/TG-010 my first summit as I had my first ever QSO from a summit to VK, I spoke with VK5PAS (Paul) on 20M. I was over the moon, just goes to show you can achieve this with 5W from a 1 point summit. I managed 12 qso’s in all then moved off to HB/TG-007 and managed another 9 qso’s including 3 S2S with HB9CRY/P on HB/GR-368, IK2LEY/P on I/LO-273 and HB9BQU on HB/GR-073 thank you all.
We was thinking of traveling towards Garmisch tomorrow but 2 1/2 hours from here where we are tonight near Steibis so decided to play SOTA on a few more DM/BW summits.



Paul I have put a message about 18 mins ago about your Special QSO this morning on HB/TG-010. HB?TG-007 Entry. PAUL M0CQE.