HB summit listings


Is there a problem with the summits database for the HB pages? When I click on HB on the list of associations page, I then get a blank page and no HB region list. I’ve tried different browsers but to no effect.


Others have reported this problem directly to the MT (that way it gets dealt with more quickly!) The IT people are looking into it, they are currently at the head-scratching phase. :smiley:

Nope, past the head scratching stage. One of the regions has missing data, so we need to fix that, which will need to wait until Andy to get some free time

See how fast our IT people are!

And fixed.

Thanks to Eric F5JKK for originally reporting this and no thanks to me who introduced it, then started looking at what was broken after Eric’s bug report, then putting the task on the “fix this at the weekend” list and forgetting all about it.

I blame being stuck inside during one of the best Spring and early Summers for hill walking I can recall since moving to Scotland 20 years ago :frowning:

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Nice work, Andy.

Don’t remind me - I’m supposed to be there now on holiday…

Gerald and I too… the Curse of the Ben strikes again :-s

M0JLA and M6BWA also - Mull last week and Kirkmichael this. Mull re-booked for September - so fingers crossed.

The weather is beyond glorious Paul. In 20 years of GM living I cannot remember such perfect and well established WX. It’s actually warm today. Apart from the tail end of the storm that made it wet and windy last weekend, it’s been Goldilocks(*) WX for SOTA activations since around March 10th. It makes the single day holiday I took in early March to get out after 3 months of wind and rain seem like one of the better decisions I have made.

I’ve been planning what to do for SOTA expeditions once it’s safe enough to stay in hotels etc. I can’t see getting to mainland Europe till at least next Summer as being a possibility. So that money and all the saved up vacation (currently standing at 31days) is going to be spent doing GM summits, Orkney, West Isles, Ben Macdui (with all the uWave gear). So many routes drawn on the mapping software now.

But… just being able to get out up a local summit is going to be serious fun. I’m thinking Blackhope Scar/Windlestraw Law because they are boggy horrors and should be void of people unlike Ochills/Pentland summits which are going to look like Tokyo Station in the rush hour.

And Paul, we still need to bag that damn Craiglee and Mullwharchar.

(*)Goldilocks WX: not too warm, not too cold, not too windy, just right.

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If this carries on (and it is starting to look like the weather maps of 1976 as I remember them) they may well dry out!