hi all,
home now again :wink:
and thanks for the calls at the two activations today.will say sorry to the ssb- and 80m-cw chasers, but i breaked up activation due to the fast coming darkness on the hilltop on which is deep forest. so it is faster “night” before the real sunset comes.and i forgotten my lamp, so for safety i breaked up activation after a few calls on 40 and 80m. have only heard the strongest ssb stations, due to the s9++ sigs on 40m in the evening . normaly activation was planned earlier, but first i drive the wrong way, then taken the wrong route to the summit and at last, after the second cq on 40m i needed abt. 60min to work all these station who calling :wink: think more stations calling , but have to break up due to darkness and the way down takes longer as normal without daylight.worked today with 3-5watt on cw and 10watt on ssb with my 2x26.5m dipol and a new 8m-mast.
think at saturday i´m again on tour to activate one summit in the lake of constance area and visit HB/SH-001 for my second HB9´er.

Thanks again to the chasers and thanks for the s2s today with, GW0DSP/P ( 2x ) , DJ3AX/P … only heard HB9BAB with 579, but no chance to get trough the pile up. i called abt. 15min, then gived up and worked al DJ3AX/p 2khz up in the first call :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

p.s. today i try´ed to call a few times /p only. mmhhhhh, i wonder how many stations hear different :wink:

Your signal here was absolutely beautiful Klaus s9+ !!


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus, thanks for the 2 X s2s contacts today, you were FB sigs both times, I was only on FT-817 with 5w and linked dipole in inverted v, had a great day in the office with 43 QSOs and 4 X s2s QSOs in CW. Hope to c u in many more S2S when Mick 2E0HJD is visiting my QTH for a few days in about 3 weeks time.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to DF2GN:

Many thanks for your efforts today Klaus and for the two QSO’s.

Your 3W QRP was just about making the trip to me on 40m, but with CW it does not matter whether it is 579 or 339, it is still readable.

30m, as usual, was giving a great 579 during daylight hours.


Hi Klaus,

congratulations on your excellent activation on Oct.3rd!
Fb to hear you from HB9 also now. I`ve never heard such a SOTA-pile-up before! As I wrote on clx it was the same as from a big dx-pedition.

I thought the HB9/DL-border would be very crowded, because of the national-holidays in DL. So I was surprised to hear you then quite early from the deep forest of HB/SH-002. Did you walk from Osterfingen or Neunkirch?

Even with those big pile-ups you (we) need more time on the summits,
especially when you are not a “four-qso´s per summit-op.”.

I got one expericene without lamp in the deep forest on DM/HE-053…
Since then I got always 2 lamps with me…(and compass, map, etc. hi)

About the s2s-QSOs: with those qrp-sigs its sometimes difficult to hear the wishes of the SOTA-station. So how about a regular frequency for s2s-qso´s only? It could be on 7.022(cw) 7.088 (ssb) +/-qrm always on the hour, for example.

Again many thanks for your activations and vy73


PS. I will be in F and HB9 from 06.10 - 14.10. (with qra) and hope to make one or two summits if the wx is fine.

In reply to DL4FDM:
hi Fritz,
the idea with the s2s-qso´s at full hours…lets think about ! because the “pse /p only” dosen´t work in a pile up if u are qrp.

to my route, i had 1h hour delay to the planned activation and the last spot. spotlite dosen´t work everytime so i gived the qrgs and the abt. activation time before…safety is safety,hi.
the real activation starts then at 1600utc. no other than me at the border. the way i drive looks not at a real border,hi. from DM/BW-12 ( Häusern,St.Blasien) you are relativ fast in Waldshut-Tiengen.at the beginning of my sota-tours i planned the routes with my tomtom and a sota-summits file therefore. then take the B314 to direction Stühlingen. And before in the city of Eberfingen you drive right over a bridge and trough a small forest and you are in HB9 :wink: no real border and i´m the only one who drives on that road,hi…only a few cars with WT on the car . after 4km i was in halau and then in Neunkirch. but you don´t need to walk from neunkirch, there is a small road to dir of the summit.first i planned to go over jestetten,but now i´m happy about takin the other route.At saturday i will activate HB/SH-001 to complette all HB/SH in under one week ;-))) will take also the green border from fützen to “randenhof” . stayed a longer time in blumberg-city , so i know all these small borders to hb9 :wink:
hätte ich das jetzt lieber in Deutsch geschrieben ? hoffe man kann es so verstehen :wink:

vy 73 es cu on the summits

Klaus DF2GN