HB/OW Access restrictions

A frequent “visitor” of the lonely valleys and upland moors in the Glaubenberg/OW region is the Swiss Army. The usage of the trials to the summits HB/OW-020 Miesenstock, HB/OW-016 Fürstein and HB/LU 004 Schafmatt is therefore often restricted or barred.
The related online information regarding danger areas and shooting zones can be found here:



As can be seen the shooting range Trogen (Miesenstock) is in use today.
HB9BIN may provide his track to the Miesenstock this morning to show how the restriction Miesenstock can be managed (and if both of the 2 summit crosses are free from fire, hi).

Hi Heinz
Yes, I knew in advance that the Swiss Army will be there! But it was too foggy and rainy for them to shoot! That`s what the weather forecast showed me yesterday evening! Therefore I could access HB/OW-020 without any restrictions! By the way they renewed the trail. I am foggy- and waterproofed, the Swiss Army not! In total I spent 3 years in this organisation!
HB9BIN, Jürg (ex Major of the Swiss Army)

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Tks Jürg for clarification!

73 gl, Heinz (ex EKF Obergefreiter of the Swiss Army)

Photo shows HB/OW-020 Miesenstock on the 20.07.2016

Nice picture Heinz. This summit is now also on my todo list.

73 de Tom (ex EKF Pionier of the Swiss Army)

Hello Heinz -

For those of us from “out of town” this kind of local knowledge would be hard to find.
Would you consider a short article in these locations?
There’s nothing posted there currently. That’s where I’d look if I was planning a visit…

73, Etienne-K7ATN
(And thanks for all those S2S from OH-land…)

Good point, Etienne, I would look there too.

(Current owner of Swiss army knife) :smile:

Re Etienne K7ATN:

Thanks for the suggestion!
Unfortunately the ability to contribute to the summit pages is temporarily removed pending the new website.

Starting point from SW: Alprestaurant Stäldeli/LU 1373m (recommended)
Starting point from E: Glaubenberg Passhöhe/OW 1539m (check actual access restrictions)

BTW, a list “Cable car summits” intended for visitors to Switzerland is published here:

The ability to add items against summits is live on the website in the Associations and Summits section. This used to be linked off SOTAwatch but is now relocated onto the website. However you must be logged into the website for the links to appear.

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I have three… how many do you have to have before they let you in?

BTW - agree that putting an article in for the summit is the way to go.

What an excellent list!