HB/LU-029 Bireggwald

A nice simple 1 point summit today, after moving from Austria to Switzerland. HB/LU-029 Bireggwald. Thanks to all the chasers, nice to have contacts back into the UK.

Activation report below.


Hi Andrew

Thanks for your report and for visiting one of my two home hills! :slightly_smiling_face: There was a thunderstorm some weeks ago, so no surprise to see these trees on the trail.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

PS: Please take care to spot or alert your callsign as “M0TRI” (with a zero), not as “MOTRI” (letter “O” instead of a zero) - tnx.

Hi Markus,

It was a nice summit and most of the paths were clear, just not the one I decided on to get to the summit. Thanks for the heads up with the alerts and spots, I had not seen that my phone had auto-corrected my callsign changing the 0 to O. I’ve fixed it now.

73 Andrew M0TRI

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