HB/LU-027. Ruswilerberg. A somewhat pungent activation

We activated HB/LU-027, Ruswilerberg, 851m, this morning in calm weather before the rain started. We were able to use a comfortable park bench close to the summit but during the activation there was a lot of local noise interference; grunts and squeals?

On investigation I found, for the first time during an activation, a large pigsty within the activation zone.


DX Hogs ?

Radio ham!

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QRO hams hogging the frequency again!

One thing remains, Colwyn: what has led you to a nice 1-pointer nearby my home QTH? Enjoy, the landscape around this summit is a beauty and that much peaceful.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Thanks Markus,

We had a pleasant activation in rolling farmland with a pair of red kites displaying over their territory. It was the closest summit to our overnight accommodation. Lovely area.


Welcome to our unknown beauties away from the big rocks, Colwyn. These are even a plus for us, the domestics, to get to know our country in detail.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

PS: Just seeing your spots for Glatten – should do it, too, to add another summit to my SOTA Complete list. But holidays are over now, hi.

Thanks Marcus,

SOTA certainly get you to places in both your own country and other countries, that you would not otherwise visit. It really broadens your horizons, but I am not certain that the pigs were convinced!!!

HB/UR-058, Glatten today was much easier to walk up than we expected. There is a pretty good, but sometimes steep, footpath with cairns and pink paint spots to follow to help get you to the summit. It was a lovely hill to climb.