HB/LU-006 activity

Dear Chasers,
if you thought you worked a pirate, you did not…
my rusty and slow cw was because of a broken paddle and using
the paddle as a straight key…
also after a 2 hour ascent encountered a thunderstorm (even hail), hence only 9 qsos, sri…

73 kurt HB9AFI

In reply to HB9AFI:
FB Kurt - yes, was wondering about that QRS CW! Your sigs were very strong, but heavy lightning static here (and with you) made things more difficult than normal.
Tnx for the new one and well done on your efforts!
73 de CRIS

In reply to GM4FAM:

OK Kurt. Like Chris, I was a bit puzzled by the change in your “Fist”, but thanks for the contact, which was much appreciated. They all count.

Well done on the improvisation. It is a long way climb to find that your key does not work. At least you qualified the summit.