Hb/gr-332 Pizzo Spadolazzo 17/09/2019

I climbed up to C13 marked path, very scenic route with short exposed streches.
I worked in 40ssb and 20cw.
It’s a first time that I managed many qsos for weekday activation.
Thanks to all chasers.
I shared some pics with you.

de Roberto IW2OBX


Hi Roberto,

realy impressive pics. Congrats for the activation.
Looking on your first pic I think, your start was near Lago di Montespluga. Some years ago I was passing this place on my way via Passo dello Spluga to Chiavenna.

73 from Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes, it’s Valle Spluga, near HB9/I state border.
I parked near the bridge, a few meters from start of the path. For the return I climbed down the other side of mountain to Emet pass, Emet lake and rif. Bertacchi.
Very nice trip!

de iw2obx Roberto

Nice place, and very pretty husky,

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