HB/GR-015 is no more :(

Dear all:

There was a huge rockfall on HB/GR-015 Fluchthorn/Piz Fenga yesterday afternoon:

Fortunately nobody was harmed as far as we know, but the summit will now be at least 100 m lower… might still be P150, but recommended only for Kamikaze activators…

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Edit: The old summit will no longer be the highest point, as far as one can tell as of now.


Wow… that’s an understatement. At least hundreds of thousands of tons, if not millions. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one on film that big?


Nine weeks ago I spent an entire day about 2000m south-east of that summit, taking avalanche rescue exams :-). But it was cold and hence likely safe back then.
Personally, I am pretty sure that the altitude range between 2700 and 3500 m asl will be pretty dangerous in the Alps in the coming decade, depending on exposition and weather, because that is where many popular peaks have been held together by permafrost ever since. In the lower (think Vorarlberg, Allgäu, Bavarian Alps) regions, permafrost had long gone or at least weakened.

The Ramolkogel in the Ötz valley and the Marzellkamm just below the Hintere Schwärze are likely candidates. Pity is that 1990s guidebooks portray many of these as “easy” and “beginner” glacier tours.

73 de Martin, DK3IT