HB/BS-001 Valid Summit?

Yesterday (08/09/18) I chased HB9/F5HTR/P on HB/BS-001. This summit ref does not appear to be valid? Perhaps I made a mistake in copying down the ref?

73 Andrew G4AFI

When in doubt look in the database.


Enter as much of the name or ref you know and see what comes back. Entering BS-001 lists
6 or so summits including HB/BS-001 and click that shows the full history of this summit

Scoring History
From	        To       	Score	Bonus
01/Aug/2005	31/May/2018	1	No

So there you go, no longer a valid summit. Only activations from 1-aug-2005 to 31-may-2018 can be enter to the DB.

Thanks for that Andy. Clearly not valid.

73 Andrew

Bob activated this REF yesterday.
I told him it is not valid summit :wink:
73 QRO

Hi Folks,
It was a lot of fun when i realised that is was not anymore a valid summit.
As i did not check nothing before to go the summit, I made about 30 qso and when i wanted to spot myself, i realized that this summit was cancelled last update !
By the way, i had a lot of pleasure to qso you all, weather was just perfect !
Sorry for this zero pointer ! Next time i will check database !!!

best regards to all

No problem. Thanks for the contact. Always nice to work you in the SOTA pile-up with my qrp.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW.

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Why zero ?
We logged S2S from OE/OO-287 which finally counts for you as chaser.
So, no zero :wink:

73, Jarek SP9MA

Interested how was possible to switch on the spot by another OM, the spot is still visible on sotawatch :wink:

Spots via the Spotlite interface do not currently check validity of the summit. Many apps use this interface.

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Yep ! you are right Jarek ! c u soon