Hi SOTA-Friends
Today i wkd from HB/AI-005 only!
Sri fr fat es cold fingers!
Hny es 73 de HB9BIN, Juerg (Georg)

In reply to HB9BIN/P:
Great to work you again Juerg and hope to see you on the bands many times in 2012. Happy New Year!

Nick G4OOE

In reply to HB9BIN/P:
Yes Juerg very Happy to work in 2 bands today,no problem from sota ref.
Happy new year 2012, de Erwin

In reply to HB9BIN/P:

Hi Juerg;

Nice to work you again, I have missed you while you have been away on 10mhz.

Thanks for the many contacts this year and look forward to many more next year.

Gueten Rutch

73 Ken G3XQE