Hawkins Radio

Has anyone heard anything about Hawkins Radio? They make the Thunderbolt and Viper Antennas and usually trade on eBay. On their Facebook page, They said they were going on holiday (about 15 weeks ago) and haven’t been heard from since. No products on eBay and enquiries on the Facebook page are not being replied to. Shame because their products are really good for portable

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Don’t be off put by a short delay in getting a reply but 15 weeks!

I believe he’s a one-man-band and has been selling antennas for years. I’ve bought Viper and Thunderbolt antennas from him and was happy with the performance and quality of construction. Most recently I bought this Thunderbolt 6m flowerpot which did a great job on Red Screes in June 2022.

I haven’t used it much but that’s more to do with my being available and getting to a SOTA summit whilst 6m is open.

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I have the 6M one which is good. I made the mistake of buying the 2M 7/8 wave and intended on getting the 5/8 wave version, Looks like he has packed up for good. I’m looking for a decent portable 70 cm antenna as well