Have any FT817 users seen this key?


Sure looks interesting…


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Hi Kent,

Seller does not ship to United Kingdom, for some reason…

73 Mike

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Its says this in the description:
“UK 12-20 working days”

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Hello Kent and Mike,
Yes you’re right kent in the table UK appear but when you click on exclude country you find UK and you don’t have it in the shipping calculator choice !!! ???
Maybe ask to the seeler directly Mike !!
Who get it and compare to mini palm ???

And different at last for my future SOTA chasse
but seems very heavier hiii (I don’t take it for futur activation ;-)I’ll prefer my minipalm !)

Have good time

Too expensive for an unknown Chinese key.

73, Barry N1EU

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Its says this in the description:
“UK 12-20 working days”

It doesn’t say that when I view it. On the description page, under “Shipping” it says “Does not ship to United Kingdom” in bright red print!

73 de Walt (G3NYY)

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"· Here is the estimated time for your reference only:

UK 12-20 working days
USA 10-15 working days
Australia ,Canada 15-20 working days
To Ukraine, Russian,Kazakhstan 25-35 days or more
Asia 15-20 working days
To south American 35-40 working days
Europe 18-25 working days"

But as Barry says, too much for unknown Chinese key.

“Quality”, “Cheap”, “China” pick any 2 only.