Hats Off to WA2USA

Dennis…thanks for all the chaser, S2S, AND CWT (CWops) Qs!
Bill, K0MP

It’s always a pleasure working you Dennis! Thanks for all the chaser points and for your inspiration and dedication to SOTA

73, Gary K3TCU

Others have said so well what a good ‘SOTA Citizen’ Dennis is. I will add that he is a gentleman’s gentleman on CW, is patient, courteous and always takes the time to say hello in a pileup. It is ALWAYS a pleasure to work Dennis on CW from home or on a summit. Dean ~ K2JB

Hello Dennis. Well done my friend, and tnx fer calling me on Pilot Mtn yesterday!
Scott kw4jm

Hello Dennis. That is quite a feat and an example to us all. Thanks for all the chases - and I can always figure out its you upon hearing the USA part of the call. You chased me on my goat summit when I activated Mt. Sterling. You chased me again when I activated to surpass 1000 points for 2019 on Pilot Mountain and many activations in between. You have a great fist as well. Many Kudos!!!

Ariel NY4G