Hats Off to WA2USA

Just wanted to admire how well Dennis , WA2USA, is doing in Sota. His chaser score is over 76,000 and he has almost 3 1/2 times a mountain goat. Pretty good for someone coming from Indiana , where there are only three 1 pointers. That’s alot of miles traveled to activate. Don’t know where he finds the time. Good luck Dennis and thanks for all the points. de Scotty KG3W


Nicely done. Congratulations and thanks for all the contacts.

Dennis is definitely a hard charger and always a pleasure to work on a summit.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Ditto Den!! You are a great role model for us all … keep up the great work … Woody/K1LB

Indeed! Well done, Dennis.

All Best, Ken

3 cheers for WA2USA! =)

Well done sir, thanks for all the contacts!


Great job, Dennis!

If you add Dennis’s Chaser position in the USA (6) to his Activator position (9) you come up with 15 which is the lowest total in the USA! (next would be KX0R with 18)

73, Walt

Dennis (WA2USA) has become a really good friend of mine here in Colorado over the last several years. We activate peaks here every summer when he’s out in Colorado…tough summits. He’s an amazing climber and an A1 CW operator as most of you guys know!

He has been both a prolific activator and chaser which I really admire about him. Not all activators spend as much time chasing.

Well done Dennis and keep going my friend!!!
73, Brad


Way to go Dennis ! That’s a lotta Q’s !
John, K6YK

Great Chaser and Activator numbers Dennis! Also, Dennis currently has 4055 Summit to Summit points! Thank you for the many contacts and adding so much to the SOTA enjoyment! Looking forward to much more. 73 Bob AC1Z (Thanks Scott KG3W for putting this on reflector, Dennis sure deserves to be admired! You sure are adding up the Chaser points Scotty… 70,926 as of today 10/21/19 WOW! Thank you too!)

Dennis represents the Spirit of SOTA in every way.

He can hike, climb, activate, and deal with all the details, yet he’s always positive and practical. I really enjoyed activating a couple of peaks with him this year. He’s often one of my chasers, and his big signal is easy to recognize. He easily converses on CW, just as well as he punches through the piles.

Dennis’s numerous challenging activations have made him one of the best chasers in NA. He’s just as interested in the people as in the points!


Carey (George)


Dennis has chased me 3 times and I have chased him 17 times so far, which is something I always do with great pleasure.
Thanks, Dennis, for your great activity.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you many more times and I also hope you will chase me soon.


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I can always hear Dennis in there chasing and usually let him get the other station first. He has such
a strong station signal here in NC. After he works one I can plan on being heard hopefully. And I also
chase him all the time. Thanks Dennis for all the activations.
de John Paul // AB4PP

A tip of our hats from New Hampshire also.
73, Dennis
Merle and Herm


Liz and I, having lived in southern Indiana for most of our lives, but now living in SOTA heaven in east Tennessee, feel a special connection to you as our SOTA friend. You are a good example to follow; keep up the good work!

73 from Ron and Liz
KI4TN and K1LIZ :hiking_boot:

Well done Dennis! He is in my log book many many times!
Mike NS1TA

Always fun to chase Dennis! Way to go Dennis, amazing, your success in this niche of our hobby! You keep me motivated!

Thanks for all the kind words. Always nice to be singled out but REALLY. Hats off to me!
I started Chasing in 2010 and Activating in 2011 and back then their were fewer chasers and activators so I’d like to take my HAT OFF to all those who have joined in on this wonderful aspect of our hobby since that time. I have had the honor and pleasure to meet many wonderful people from the east to west coast and in between as an Activator. Chasers, I feel as if I know most of you by name, heck I can just about recognize your fist on CW and your favorite phonetics on SSB.

To the Chasers:
We have Chasers using beams. Think of that, a beam antenna and taking time out to chase a QRP station instead of DX and then what about those with wire antennas, especially with the band conditions the way they are and get this, some are doing it with 5 watts. Now that takes dedication and talent. Speaking of dedication, and many of you know who they are whether as a Chaser or an Activator, the ones that are always there chasing the Activator needing Q’s and making Spots.

To the Activators:
We have all ages represented and the talent being brought to the table with antenna design and the myriad of equipment being showcased is an inspiration to those of us always looking for a better station. I like to tip my hat to those who blaze paths to peaks without trails and then leave detailed information for the rest of us who follow. I’d like to doubly tip my hat to those who refuse to give into age, ailments and physicality issues making it enjoyable for us Chasers.

Let’s hope SOTA continues to grow…


Congrats on many levels, Dennis! You’re a shining example of what amateur radio OPs should strive to be! Leading by example! Keep at it!

73, Steve/wGOAT

Dennis introduced me to SOTA and we’ve enjoyed several joint activation trips. We’ve gone from linked dipoles and hombrew equipment to EFHW and automatic tuners, always learning. I never seen anyone more proficient at sending CW with one hand while logging with the other. I’m proud to call him my friend.

John W9FHA