Has anyone managed to get their hands on a Xiegu X6100 yet?

Just wondering if anyone has been able to get their hands on a X6100 yet and been activating with it? I’ve read that there are some firmware issues at the moment. It look like it might be a good rig for SOTA and reasonably priced.




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There is one on hamradiodeals at the moment and I’ve just noted it is M0CLS who I’ve bought stuff off in the past - he is only 20 mins away in Kirkby Lonsdale. He’s a straight up guy. I’d be tempted if I haven’t used up my radio purchase quota for quite a while!

Regards, Mark.

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Thanks Mark, I’ve just registered on the site, so will take a look once I’ve been given access.



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There are a number of Youtube opinions on the X6100. Here’s one summary: Xiegu #X6100 Where Are We Now? - YouTube.

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Hi Richard,
There have been two “early adopter” batches of the X6100 released so far and these early models didn’t have Bluetooth or WiFi working in them (and some other minor issues). The expectation is that these problems will all be fixed by firmware updates, indeed those updates have been released. If however there turns out to be a change needed to the physical machine, Xiegu and their agents have a policy of a no transferrable warranty. That means if you buy second hand, you have no recourse to support from Xiegu dealers.
Hence I would await the next batch of new models, which should have the outstanding issues fixed and come with a full warranty. This batch was opened for pre-orders in December and is expected in February. It is quite likely that you are too late and this order batch is already closed, meaning you will have to wait for the next batch of new radios in a couple of months time.

There are quite a few videos of both pre-production demo models and radios from the first “early adopter” batches showing all the various features. What I find the most interesting point is that under the hood, the radio is running a distribution of Linux which opens up the possibility of third party apps being added in the radio itself (no doubt voiding the warranty, however).

At the price point, this is not an ICOM IC-705 or KX-2/3 quality machine but it may well become a “game-changer” in the features it does offer at this price and the embedded (Linux) user OS is something the others don’t have.

73 Ed.


My personal no go is and remains the display. If you find it difficult or impossible to read in direct sunlight, then you want a KX2 or ft817/8.

73 Chris

Or a Lab599 TX-500 TRX :smiley:

Thanks I’ll take a lool

Yes the tx500 would be nice :wink:

Thanks for the reply Ed, guess it would be better to wait and see how things play out. I have a FT 817ND so not in any rush at the moment. Great info though



There’s a report of a POTA activation with Xiegu X6100 at Xiegu X6100: New compact throwline, POTA pileups & overloading in Pisgah National Forest | Q R P e r



Thanks for the link Marcin, I’ll take a look :wink: