Has anyone had a SOTABeams international package lost in transit?

It looks like the pole I ordered from SOTABeams has disappeared into the ether between the UK and US. My antenna and other items arrived a week ago, but I’ve seen nothing of the pole.

Has anyone ever had to deal with a situation like this? From their email it sounded like it’s up to me, as the customer, to deal with Royal Mail for the claim. I really hope that isn’t the case.


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Never had anything go missing from sotabeams. But haven’t bought a pole either.

Some things are not fast in the post especially large or odd shaped parcels. It will probably turn up. How long did the mayflower take to cross the Atlantic? (Don’t think about the Titanic)


You have clearly misunderstood the email. We do everything that is needed. Feel free to email Aaron again if anything is unclear.

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We’re good. I got in touch with him this morning. Thanks!

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Last summer, I ordered a pole and an antenna from Sotabeams.
The antenna arrived to my qth (Canada) in less than a week but, the pole was in a different box and was missing.
I was worry and send an email to Sotabeams, in less than a hour they respond and told me that it could happen and if it’s lost in the mail they could reship or refund me after the usual delay that I don’t remember.
The good news is that it arrived at my door two weeks later.
Sotabeams has excellent after market service and they are easy to reach.


Our daughter lives in the UK so we send packages regularly. I’ve also purchased from SOTABeams and other vendors in the UK. Royal Mail is EXPENSIVE and slow. There is a high probability that your pole will arrive in due time. Royal Mail is not Amazon Prime–patience is necessary.

I had a pole delayed in shipping as well. Turns out, the post office put it in the incorrect PO box. The delay was about 3 weeks. But, that is the best portable telescoping pole I have ever used. Well worth the wait.

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Quite a few things of mine shipped into or out of the US to/from various destinations seemed to be delayed in the USPS/US Customs hand off/processing.


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