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Harz Activity from Berliner SOTA friends


From 26.to 28.06.2008
The members of this group DL7VKD - Dieter, DL7VDC - Dirk,
DM5LM - Michael and DL7BW - Bernd becomes predominantly on
the known frequencies in the 40-,30 - and 20-m-Band in cw
just as in the 2m - band in FM/SSB active is.

73 Matthias DL1JMS


In reply to DL1JMS:
We had a nice meet this morning to SA-005 Leistenklippe - view the picture -
The next days walk the group to the Brocken, Wurmberg and other Harz summits.

73 Matthias DL1JMS


In reply to DL1JMS:
Many thanks to the Berliner SOTA friends for the ufb signals from DM/SA-Harz-summits.

Vy 73’s Hans, HB9BHW