Hands up whom wants one

Getting bad ideas here for local summits :stuck_out_tongue:

No fossil fuel engine either :hushed:

Just hope its not heavy to chuck over the fences.



The link does not work and in any case do not have a faceache account.


My hand’s up, I want one :grinning:

Hello Karl,

Not a participant in faceblog here either.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an electric bike?

If it has a motor and you ride on/in it then it is a motorised vehicle. The Rules do not say anything about fossil fuels for transport.

But you can use a motorised bike in traveling to your activation.

The Rules allow you to ride/drive to the top or somewhere inside the activation zone but in effect say that after you carry your station to the operating site the vehicle could go away and your operation must be unaffected. ie no physical connection.


  Ron that it does BUT its no fossil fuel engine involved and handy for an disabled person. Its a shame its not on U tuBe but will have a look.  This is better than the moon buggy

But end of day its a fun way of approaching your walking section to the summit, Give Green lane-ing a whole new meaning.

right found a inter net link

try this


Right a better one going through its paces on U Tube in Joy


From an engineering standpoint, pretty amazing - the various space agencies should take a good look at this with the aim of incorporating some of these feaures in their moon/Mars rovers.

But as an offroad fun vehicle: there are sadly already too many of these chewing up the fragile ecosystems in the hills. The fewer, the better IMHO. YMMV, as always…