Hamvention SOTA Presentation and Meetup (Part 2)

On somewhat short notice, a SOTA presentation has been scheduled for Hamvention! It will be at 9:15 am on Saturday, May 19th as part of the YASME-sponsored HamSCI/Ham Radio 2.0 series. For details see http://hamsci.org/article/hamsci-hamvention-2018

Special thanks to WG0AT for alerting everyone to Ward N0AX’s request for a SOTA talk. This should be a great way to spread the word about our super-fun little corner of this awesome hobby.

If you are able to join at the presentation, please do so. I’ll have a show and will also bring along my kit to display, if others would like to bring some gear to show that would be great - real radios are always a good way to spark interest. And although I already have my presentation planned, I’m open to suggestions on how to make it great.

Please spread the word about the presentation via any means, i.e. social media, club newsletters, etc.

From my previous reflector post asking about a SOTA meetup, it appears that there is a lot of interest in SOTA ops gathering together. Hopefully some of you will be able to join us at this talk (and help encourage others to experience SOTA), but let’s also target an eyeball meetup for another chance to socialize. Based on responses it looks like it would work to meet at 1:30pm on Saturday, May 19th, near the Contest Station area between Buildings 2 & 3. Or if it’s raining, we can meet just inside the doors of Building 2 where it would lead to the Contest Station area. If you have some SOTA swag, please wear it so we can quickly identify you!

And, Scott WA9STI had a great idea to utilize a 2m frequency to coordinate, simplex frequency 144.450 with 107.2 CTSS. I’ll program my HT. It would be really cool to utilize Richard the new SOTA-Link system for coordination purposes, I may attempt to via a hotspot but I’m guessing it will be on RF overload.

I’ll be arriving in Ohio on Wednesday eve and hope to do a few summit activations while I’m in the area. Currently considering options in W9/IN, W8O, and W4K. If anyone is interested in trying to coordinate to run a joint activation, please message me - it will be a busy weekend and tight schedule but could be a lot of fun to hike a summit together!

Counting down the days until Hamvention…

73 de KR7RK