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Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2018 - SOTA Dinner

Believe it or not hotel rooms are already short for the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen event from the 1st - 3rd. of June (note the new dates from last year).

It appears as well as this being the holiday season, there are other events in the area taking place at the same time, so if you are intending to attend in June, you’d better get your room booking in very soon.

SOTA Meet-up: 12 noon each day at the QSL wall as usual.

SOTA Dinner: I am happy to arrange this again this year however my current plan is to attend the event only on Friday and Saturday and head home Saturday evening, that would mean for me my preference would be for the meal to be on the Friday evening, not Saturday.

SOTA Activation: we have a NEW summit to activate near Friedrichshafen this year! DM/BW-854, Höchsten was recently added to the list of SOTA approved summits in the area. If we want to arrange a “team activation” let me know - otherwise we may just bump into each other at different times as individuals activate across the three days. Please remember DM/BW-348, Gehrenberg is also still available and VERY easy to access.

Chasers not going to Friedrichshafen, PLEASE call the activators even if you have already worked another station from that summit on the same day, as they need the contacts to get the points. Just think of how many times the activators stay longer than their required 4 contacts to give chasers points during the year - this is your turn as chasers to return the favour.

73 Ed.


Thanks for reminding me about this Ed. I need to confirm my hotel bookings and also book some flights and a hire car. Small SOTA expedition planned for the days around the rally.

Yes, that would be great! I think Friday evening should be fine.

I plan to attend the Ham Radio and I am looking forward to the dinner.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

If people are interested in a “group activation” of DM/BW-854, perhaps I should look for a restaurant out that way? Or would one in the centre of FN be better?


I hope to be there too !
Dinner on Friday is ok with me, but I’d prefer a restaurant near the summit, so can do activation + dinnner in one drive in that direction.
Will also do a SOTA tour in DM/BW and FL/VO around those days …
73 - Luc ON7DQ

It looks like DM/BW-854, Höchsten is almost a drive-up summit - it appears it has only been activated by Michael at the moment.

@DJ5AV Michael, if you have a minute can you comment?

Actually it looks like Bergasthof Höchsten might almost be in the AZ!! Unfortunately it’s hotel side has no free rooms for the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen dates! Sounds like some SOTA Hams were there first perhaps?

73 Ed.

Here’s a picture from the Hotel’s website:

If it is 833m ASL and the summit is 838m ASL, the complete hotel is within the Activation Zone, so finding somewhere to set up in summer - perhaps in a Bier Garden shouldn’t be too hard …

Slightly off topic but I heard a rumor the show was moving to Berlin.

Any move planned?


Not that I have heard Paul - are you mixing up the fact that WRTC 2018 is taking place in Wittenberg which you would fly into Berlin airport to get to from abroad.

This year Ham Radio (aka DARC Bodensee treff) is definitely in Friedrichshafen still!

I hope it doesn’t move to Berlin as I’m only 2 - 2.5 Hrs drive away from it at the moment, if it moved to Berlin I may not be able to attend any more.

73 Ed.

Hi all:

FIY & as cross-reference: Here is my activation report of DM/BW-854: Activation Report DM/BW-854 Höchsten.



Sounds like it was just a rumor.

Can’t make it this year but I’ll try for 2019!


Hi Ed,

Your announcement scared me a little, so yesterday, I went to look for a place to stay, and I can happily report that I found a room on AirBnb in a place called BERG !!! (near Ravensburg)
Isn’t that great ? No way I would stay in a place with TAL (valley) in its name…:wink:
73 - Luc, ON7DQ

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Hi Luc,
Yes further out from Friedrichshafen, I’m sure there’s still rooms, but the hotels and B&Bs in Friedrichshafen itself are definitely filling up quickly.

Great that you can make it again!

73 Ed.

hy SOTAs,
yes, BW-854 Hoechsten is very easy to activate. The place is owned and used by my local club for relais DB0WV. You can drive to the vy spot and there is a BP60 tower for fixing one
end of your dipole. All the weekend b4 HAMRadio there is a meeting at this very spot,
especially for all visitors of HAMRadio.
For rooms in June check also Heiligenberg ! E g
Landgasthof Post in Betenbrunn
Bayerischer Hof in Heiligenberg
Hosbein in Heiligenberg
Hotel Heiligenberg in Heiligenberg (former Berghotel Baader)
On my shortcut I need abt 40 min between Heiligenberg
and HAMRadio with my scooter.

73 + cu on SOTA
Mike, dj5av


SOTA activation and Dinner.

I have reserved a table for 15 people at the restaurant of the Gasthof zum Goldenen Kreuz in Wilhelmsdorf-pfrungen for 18:00 on Friday 1st. June. It is about 6 Km north of Hochsten BW-854, where I suggest those wishing to activate can on Friday afternoon and then come along to the dinner.

The menu is broad and includes light meals, vegetarian meals as well as hearty local food. Prices are reasonable for the area.

Judy (Phil’s XYL) will also attend the dinner, so it won’t be a purely male event - I hope a few other XYLs, YL(Ops) can come along as well.

Phil G4OBK and his XYL are staying in the hotel as am I. The hotel is about 30 minutes drive from HAM Radio and cheaper than those few hotels in Friedrichshafen with rooms left.

If anyone is still looking to book their hotel - give this one a look and perhaps we can have some SOTA discussion over a bier or two after the meal. Bookable via booking.com with zero cancellation fee up to a couple of days before. Website (in German) is www.gasthof-kreuz-pfrungen.de

Please let me know if you are going to attend the SOTA Dinner.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,

I am going to attend the SOTA Dinner on Friday

Have a room booked a few months ago in Oberteuringen

See you 73

Karel ON4FI

Hi Karel,
I’ve put you on the list of attendees for the dinner.

73 Ed.

SOTABEAMS would be pleased to sponsor a few give-aways for your meal! PM me if interested.

Count me in for the dinner Ed (and for the activation as well).
Should I bring “The Hat” ? hi

You can bring the hat if you like.

This year I intend running a quiz based on SOTA rules - so everyone should brush up on their knowledge in advance.

I’ve added you to the expected attendees list.

73 Ed.

Dear Ed,

I will attend the Dinner. Please put me on the list.
Thanks for organizing this.

73 de Michael, DB7MM