Ham Radio Deluxe looking into adding SOTA

Do any of you use Ham Radio Deluxe? I do a lot. But I have to swap programs to properly log and use the cluster.

I reached out to HRD, and they are interested in incorporating SOTA into HRD. I have been providing info to move the project along.

Here is where we (they) are so far:


Kent K9EZ


I didn’t know HRD was still a thing. I thought everyone dropped it when you had to pay and then the owner started blacklisting paying customers for negative reviews. I’m surprised it’s still going.

I recommend one of the free station management programmes (they aren’t just loggers!) which are excellent and very well supported, such as Logger 32. I have adopted my own manual method of logging SOTA refs and summit names, height and points in Logger32 for both activator and chaser QSOs so I don’t use the official ADIF coding. Other programs are also available at no cost, such as Log4OM and others. Recent log example, for activating and chasing shown below:

73 Phil

I think Kent is looking for an HRD development here rather than changing programs.

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Can you get them to reach out to the SOTA IT team. Using summitslist.csv might be a bit heavy depending on how they intend to use summits data and the API might be a better option for them.

Good idea. Who is all on that team?

BTW there are a lot of users for HRD. I have no financial interest in the program, other than I use it for may other ham radio activities such as satellite and general logging. I have had nothing but a great time using it. If you dont like it so be it.

Kent K9EZ

Me for starters :slight_smile: Josh @WU7H and Andy @MM0FMF

The free DXLab Suite already has support for SOTA. There is a specific field for entering your QSO partner’s SOTA reference, and the ability to track your progress.

I use DXLab’s DXKeeper as my logbook of record. It is very easy to import my SOTA logs into it, and from there click a couple of buttons to upload the QSOs to LoTW as well (vs. going into TQSL, signing an upload, etc.).

The program’s various modules (e.g., spot cluster, RTTY/digital, propagation predictor) are regularly updated and maintained by the creator Dave AA6YQ. Online support is fantastic, and there is a reflector on groups.io.

Did I mention DXLab is free? :wink:

73 Paula k9ir

I use and like log4om - again free and supports recording sota data.