Ham Radio Deluxe free downloads

The vendors of Ham Radio Deluxe are withdrawing the free version of the tool. The paid for version will continue to be able to those who pay. You can download the free versions from their site until September 1st 2013.

I’ve set up a mirror where you can download the last free versions and the notes files. I’ve no intention to withdraw this mirror in the foreseeable future (let’s say at least the next 18months). At present you just get a list of files you can download but I’ll put a nice web wrapper around that page when I get a moment. In the meantime you can visit


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Hello Andy,

Good for you and the post.

I stuck with the last HRD version before the sale. DM780 I am particularly fond of because the of PSK superbrowser and great SSTV function. In PSK I like the alert system for a particular call.


Mike G6TUH

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Thanks Andy, I use the DM780 part of the program for digimodes. I prefer Turbolog for general logging - I used the original G3WGV version and now have the latest “German” version. But HRD and its subprograms make an excellent logging and station control package.

best wishes

Mike G4DDL

I’ve been using version 5.24.38 with my Yaesu FT817ND for logging, data-modes ect for a while and no issues at all.

Mike G6TUH ,I have used DM780 for SSTV but I find MMSSTV far better.

73 Chris M0RSF

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Mike G6TUH ,I have used DM780 for SSTV but I find MMSSTV far better.

Thanks Chris will check it (MSSTV) out tomorrow.
Night night 8)
Mike G6TUH

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Well done Andy! I don’t use HRD much these days but I agree wholeheartedly with you that the free version should be kept available. This is in keeping with the spirit of the earlier versions and with the philosophy of the programs’ originator, the redoubtable Simon Brown HB9DRV.