HAM RADIO 2021 Friedrichshafen cancelled

The international amateur radio fair “Ham Radio” in Friedrichshafen (Lake Constance district) is cancelled again this year due to corona. Due to the current uncertainties in the travel sector, it is not feasible to hold the event at present, according to Messe Friedrichshafen Managing Director Klaus Wellmann. Ham Radio" was planned for the end of June.


a pity but understandable

73 Armin


Thanks Armin for the bad news.
Btw I took the freedom to edit the title so that not all hamradio gets cancelled forever :blush:

73 Joe



Next date for HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen: 24. - 26. Juni 2022

73 Armin


Vielen Dank. Armin, für die weniger gute nachricht, dann hoffentlich bis 2022,
beste 73 und bis zum nächsten QSO!

There is talk of some on-line presentations happening on the dates that the event was planned for (as happened last year) but no details are available as yet.

73 Ed.


Ham Radio World starts tomorrow.
It is a virtual trade show similar to the one put on by Eric Giúth, but the scenes in this one reflect (as far as a computer game-like environment can), the views and layout of the real Ham Radio Friedrichshafen.

Here is the reminder/announcement received yesterday:

We hope that we have aroused your curiosity in our last News and now it’s finally time to go - only 2 more days to wait! HAM RADIO World will open its virtual doors on Friday, June 25 at 3 pm. Here’s a brief explanation of the features.

HAM RADIO World is a virtual 2D world that can be explored in a web browser. It looks like a video game from the 90s, but in reality, it is a Massive Multiuser Online Videoconferencing tool that offers some amazing features.

How to get in touch with other YLs or OMs?
When your avatar approaches another visitor, a conversation circle appears and another window opens on your home screen. The video conference with this person is set up and can begin, provided the camera and microphone on your computer are switched on and the speakers are on. HAM RADIO World allows conversations with up to four people at the same time (in the outdoor catering area even with 6 people at the same time), all of whom can be seen and spoken to in different windows.
When the circle is left, the conversation ends and you are literally out of earshot.

Would you like to take part in a lecture?
On the weekend of June 25-27, 2021, there will be an interesting program of talks at the virtual amateur radio exhibition. Just find out the time and place and go to the room or the stage in the Foyer West. When you enter the carpet or the rooms, the Jitsi Meet video conference session will open with the program video.
Attention. In order to maintain the live character, the program will start on time. If you arrive late, you will miss the beginning. The lectures have been concentrated in rooms Austria and Switzerland in conference center west, Hall A2 and the stage in the Foyer West, so that the distances online are not too far.
The focus is on the live events, talks and award ceremonies on the DARC stage.
Small tip: You can find the lecture and conference program here:

Please note that the timetable is only available in German, but there are lectures in English. You can recognize them by the English titles.

How can you get in contact with the exhibitors?
The exhibitors are located in the ZEPPELIN CAT Hall A1. We are pleased to welcome exhibitors who would like to come into direct contact with you during this weekend. When entering the stands, a new, detailed plan is displayed. On some stands, several more rooms open up to the visitor. Since is virtual, you can only see the exhibits online. The floor tiles often point the way to other websites, such as online shops or information about the exhibitor or exhibit in question. Any questions? Ask the exhibitor!

HERE you can find the index of exhibitors with the times where the exhibitors will be available if they are given.

The access to HAM RADIO World can be found HERE, participation is free of charge.

Have fun!

Best greetings from Lake Constance,
the HAM RADIO team from Friedrichshafen

My suggestion - If anyone around at 12 noon (German time) on any of the three days, they should try to carry on the SOTA Meetup as we would have done at the real event.

73 Ed.


Is that 10:00 UTC?
Helps the folk not in CET.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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… correct. During our summer, we are 2 hrs ahead of UTC.

73, Roman

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At the fox hunt area they added a SOTA hill as virtual meetup spot.

Doing some quick QSOs hi

(Enter the hole in tree at the ARDF booth and follow the round course. I know this sound silly but it is setup like a retro rpg game with video call features)

Or the virtual QSL wall at 12:00 LT (10:00 UTC is also an option)

73 Joe