Ham Radio 2016 in FH

The 2nd SOTA session at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2016 on June 25, 2016.
Dear SOTA Community,
The 1st SOTA session at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2015 was a great success. The trade show management counted 120 participants and reported this figure to DARC. The “Schweiz” meeting room was filled almost beyond capacity. Because there were chairs for only 80 to 100 people, some attendees sat on the tables on the left side and rear of the room, while more sat on the floor on the right side. As a result, DARC has promised to let us use the larger “Österreich” meeting room at Ham Radio 2016 on Saturday, June 25, 2016. This room accommodates 270 people.
The concept of SOTA is making progress at Ham Radio, and with Saturday we are getting a more attractive date and a larger room. Those who were not able to attend the session at Ham Radio 2015 can find the slide presentations at this link: HB9SOTA @ HAM RADIO – HB9SOTA.
The event was also described very positively by Michael DB7MM in the 8/2015 edition of Funkamateur (page 904, in the section Bergfunk-QTC).
For the 2nd SOTA session we would like to stick to the following proven concept:
• A question/answer session with Andy MM0FMF from the SOTA Management Team.
• Short presentations lasting 10 to 15 minutes covering alternating topics of rigs, antennas and operating techniques.
• Door prizes will be sponsored again by Richard G3CWI at SOTABEAMS.
• We plan to retain English as the event’s primary language.
• Following the event, availability of the documentation for every presentation, including slides, at HB9SOTA @ HAM RADIO – HB9SOTA.
We would like to widen the group of speakers for Ham Radio 2016. We thus ask that any and all SOTA participants with interesting potential topics for a short presentation about rigs, antennas or operating techniques pertaining to SOTA get in touch with us at juerg.regli@swissonline.ch.
We hope that at Ham Radio 2016 we can once again provide you with an interesting program full of useful information. Until then, we wish you continued fun with this hobby and look forward to our next SOTA QSO.
Paul HB9DST, VP of HB9SOTA and Jürg Regli, HB9BIN, Association Manager Switzerland