Hallin Fell G/LD-043

Evening, all.

Many thanks to everyone for your support on this one. It was much appreciated – although the summit proved less of a problem than I thought it would be RF-wise.

Sorry for cutting the activation short but it was a case of taking the antenna down before it came down of it’s own accord. Gill was hanging on for all she was worth trying to keep it pointing in the required direction whilst trying not to be blown over herself. Well, the forecast did say gales …. Remember the mini blizzard on Cefn yr Ystrad, Frank? It was a few dB up on that. Oh, and congrats on the signal. Not bad from the RF hole that is Cheltenham – 300km.

Sorry if anyone missed us. I hope you understand.

73, Richard

In reply to G4ERP:

Well done Richard! Sorry I missed it but I have to work sometimes. Just need it and Swinside for all LD. I won’t sulk at missing it, well not much (just kidding). Hope you rewarded Gill for her contribution and (antenna) support.

Until the next one.
Steve GW7AAV

In reply to G4ERP:

Thanks for the activation Richard and special thanks to Gill for braving the elements with you.

As I stated in the spots, you made the right decision, safety has to take precedent EVERY time.

Thanks for the contact, well done.

73 Mike

In reply to G4ERP:
Hi Richard and Gill,
Great to work you on Hallin yesterday; did not think we would make it over a difficult path. Forecast not brilliant today, and noted your intent for Saturday. Hope the WX improves.
Will be monitoring, as usual!
73 to you both,

In reply to G3RMD:

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I’ve shown Gill your comments :slight_smile:

I think there will have to be a return visit some time. It’s a nice little summit - and easy to activate unless it’s blowing a gale. It wasn’t too bad when we set up but then some really strong gusts came alone.

Oh, well.

That’s it for the LD for now - and our hols :(. I enjoyed all the summits immenseley. Must get back up here soon …

73, Richard