Half way to shack sloth thank you

An enormous thank you to all activators who have helped me to achieve 500 points on SSB HF only, half way to being a shack sloth (or shack bat).

Particular thanks to Bill, G4WSB, who provided me with my 1st SOTA summit on 30 January 2010, provided me with my 499th point on 3 October 2010 and contributed 109 points to my 500.

Also many thanks to Pavel, OK1MCS, who took me from 499 points to 505 points.

I look forward to contacting you all for my next 500 points.

Tony, G8BVJ

In reply to G8BVJ:

You’re welcome.

Peter - ON4UP

Congratulations Tony on achieving 500 chaser points.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to G8BVJ:

My pleasure to took you over 500 points line, congrats Tony. By the way, thanks for our qso today from OK/PL-081. I finished today the complete activation of the OK/PL region.

Pavel, OK1MCS

In reply to OK1MCS:


Thank you for your kind remarks.

Thank you also for the points yesterday, which helped me on my way to the 1,000.

Congratulations on achieving the completion of activation of the 90 summits in the OK/PL region.

Tony, G8BVJ