Hailstorm hill

Right chaps ive just been looking at my avtivator log for 22 April 2007,
it looks like ive done two summits on the same day at the same time, Can any one help me to find out the real day for this actitavtion ===
below are the stations i worked just wondering have you aslo got an astric ???

Date:22/Apr/2007 Summit:G/SP-009 (Hail Storm Hill) Call Used:M0SGB/P Points: 0 Bonus: 0 Delete
Time Call Band Mode Notes
12:43z G4CPA/P 5MHz SSB
12:43z GW3BV 5MHz SSB
12:48z GD3YUM 5MHz SSB
12:49z MM0FMF/P 5MHz SSB
12:50z GW7AAV 5MHz SSB
12:51z G8ADD 5MHz SSB
12:52z M0COP 5MHz SSB
12:52z GW0VMZ 5MHz SSB
12:53z G4TJE/P 5MHz SSB
12:54z G3RMD 5MHz SSB
12:57z 2E0HJD/P 7MHz SSB
13:07z 2E0NHM 144MHz FM
13:18z M1EYP/P 144MHz FM
13:20z G1INK/P 5MHz SSB
13:35z M1BZJ/P 144MHz FM
13:37z G7ADF/P 144MHz FM
13:40z 2E0NHM 144MHz FM
13:42z M0RCP/P 144MHz FM
13:45z G0PZO 144MHz FM
13:48z G0NMY 144MHz SSB
13:52z G4JZF 144MHz SSB
13:55z GW8OGI/P 144MHz SSB
14:10z GI4SNA 144MHz SSB
14:18z M0VMC/P 144MHz FM
14:20z M1XZG/P 144MHz FM
14:26z G3VUS 144MHz FM

It looks like i might have put in the wrong date ???

Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:
This is my log for nine standards rigg np-018,

Date:22/Apr/2007 Summit:G/NP-018 (Nine Standards Rigg) Call Used:M0SGB/P Points: 4 Bonus: 0 Delete
Time Call Band Mode Notes
14:10z 2E0HJD/P 144MHz FM
14:10z G1INK/P 144MHz FM
14:35z G7THI/M 144MHz FM
14:37z GW7SBO 144MHz FM
14:39z M0WRI 144MHz FM
14:45z G0VWP/P 144MHz FM
14:47z G1INK/P 7MHz SSB
14:47z 2E0HJD/P 7MHz SSB
14:50z GM6DDQ/P 5MHz SSB
14:55z GM7PKT/P 5MHz SSB
15:20z GD3YUM/M 144MHz FM
15:20z G0HIK/P 144MHz FM
15:25z M0RCP/P 144MHz FM

we all know that i cant be on two summits at the same time;; please let me know what the real dates are…
Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:
From my log:

22/Apr/2007 | 11:50 |GW7AAV |M0SGB/P |G/SP-009 |Hail Storm Hill |5MHz |SSB |1 *

Date looks right times look an hour out. Now what day did you do Standards? I remember not being able to hear you on there, because it was one of the last two I needed to complete the NPs.

Regards Steve GW7AAV (Steves On The Air ;o))

In reply to GW7AAV:
Hi Steve, can’t check on the data-base but now as I think I did NP-018, after I did Rogans seat so, ill have to wait till I get home and check on the computer,
as at work on the mda/phone
Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:
Steve - Hailstorm Hill 22/4/07
9 Standards Rigg 29/4/07

In reply to G1INK:
Thanks for the reply Steve, yws I did Rogans seat then Nine-standards-rigg. So it looks like I put the wrong date in,

Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:
Right just had a look on the data-base the date for NP-018 Nine standards was 29th APRIL 2007, not sure what to do cancel the 22 April and update to 29 April or just leave it, your thought’s.
if you got an astirc you should be ok,

Steve m00sgb

Hi Steve

I had a QSO with you on Rogan’s Seat NP-014:

29/Apr/2007 09:57 G4OBK M0SGB/P G/NP-014 Rogan’s Seat 5MHz SSB 4 Steve
(pasted from database)

No asterisk as yet. You gave me a 5&1 report I gave you 4&2 back. Not very good comms and I remember the QSO well.

Apologies about delayed reply, been away last week and I’m still catching up on things.

Hope this helps you sort your log out and give me a star!