GX4BP/P LD-001 tomorrow

Hope your early John.
160m ready tuned - grand daughter asked to sleep in.
WSPR turned off - why I had to ask ‘agn’ for report from LD-003 as it was transmitting for 2 mins on 80m and de-sensing receiver :wink:

Roger G4OWG

Sorry for calling you Roy instead of John hihi.

There was deep QSB on 80 this morning and I did copy my 589 but then you went down and you probably did not get my call completely.

Still, many thanks for your effort John.

73, Peter

In reply to ON3WAB:
John was very strong on 160m this morning - surprisingly there was only one station he worked that I could hear (G4OBK).

Roger G4OWG

Hi Roger,

I could just tell he was there on 160 and that was it. No chance of having a QSO.


In reply to ON3WAB:
Hi Peter
Amazingly I heard John working ON4CAP on top band but I could not hear ON4CAP despite being 100 miles closer to Belgium than John was, and 15 miles from the North Sea. The noise level on Scafell Pike must be extremely low!

Looking forward to LD-005 this afternoon - never before aired on 160m and only 57 SOTA HF QSOs have been made from there. Possibly why it will be a new one for me. I checked the mapping and John has about a 3 mile walk to get there and over 1500 feet of ascent if he uses the corridor route.

73 Phil

In reply to G4OBK:

Interesting cndx on top band Phil. John was 599 to me but with strange qsb, almost like a pulsing effect. I could hear a few working John top band, Roger OWG was strong but you were 599+ Phil, I heard roy SSH also but a bit weak, well I think it was Roy.

73 Mike

In reply to GW0DSP:

It probably was me Mike. John started at 339 to me on 1832 KHz then peaked at 579 before fading again. It was the strongest I have ever heard him with my 8 band vertical antenna which does not have 160m, and the MFJ tuner groans in protest, but allows me to make the QSO.

73 Roy G4SSH

In reply to G4SSH:
John was also unusually strong at this QTH, Dublin. FWIW, higher up the band, at around 09:00 I heard OY9JD 599 looking for “DX”.
73 de Mike, EI2CL

In reply to G4SSH:

Congrats on making it on top band with your 8 band vertical Roy, that’s one to remeber for some time. I thought I heard those 10 dots, your call certainly stands out.

Another classic activation day from John, with lots of chasers benefiting from John’s magnificant efforts. I am really looking forward to his activation report.

73 Mike GW0DSP