GX0OOO/P overnight on NP-022

John G4YSS is hoping to camp overnight on NP-004 Whernside tonight to see in the New Year.

He will make the decision to go or no-go when he returns to the car around 1300, after activating NP-011 in the morning. Any overnight activity will be QRP only in view of the extra equipment to be carried. I am posting his intentions now in case we have a problem with SOTA watch

The following timetable has been received from John. This depends totally on the weather and forecast.


Proposed NEW YEAR campover, G/NP-004. GX0OOO/P, time guide.

31-12-07 Morning: G/NP-011 Great Coum, QRO (drizzle & low-cloud & strong winds expected)
3.724 CW/SSB, 1.832 CW

  1. Back at car: Make decision about how to proceed. Rucksacks to change and equipment to transfer. Clothes to change if wet etc.

31-12-07 Afternoon / Night: G/NP-004, Whernside QRP. (rain & low-cloud and significant southerly winds / 4 Deg C, expected). All times approx. Will try to advise G4SSH via phone.

16:00Z to 18:00: 3.724 CW/SSB, 1.832 CW (If any SSB; 1.843 or above.))

18:00Z: 145.500 MHz FM.

19:00Z to 23:30Z: Will try to monitor 145.400 or 145.500 all evening / night and periodically call on 3.724 CW and SSB or alternative 160m freq of 1.836 + / - (QRP CW freq).

80 or 160 depends on band condx. and how ant. was recently configured & WX. Cooking evening meal during this time.

23:30Z to 00:30: Call on 145.500 FM.

After 00:30Z: 3.724 or 1.836 depending on ant. config. Monitor 145.400 (or 145.500) all night. (Last time I tried to sleep from 03:00.)

01-01-08 Morning: From before 07:30Z to about 08:30Z: 1.836 CW and 3.724 CW/SSB. 1st priority is qualification, second is minimum of 1 QSO on top band.

Expect to leave home 06:15, Walk 09:30, NP11 10:30 to 12:16. Back to car 13:00. Walking again 14:00, NP4 15:15 to 01-01-2008, 09:00. Car 09:30. (Note: If I am staying on NP4 after summitting, there will first be 60 to 90 minutes work to do prior to getting on the air). There is an hour allowed for in my post.

Update 1430 / 31st December

John confirms he is camping overnight. Weather raining but 5c.

Tent erected and equipment rigged. He is running ahead of schedule so will call on 7.032 KHz shortly, then down to 3.725 for CW/SSB and follow the schedule as above.


Very glad to work you on 80m John.

Hope you can enjoy the fireworks from up there and must be something very special to spent new years eve on a summit.

73, Happy New year


In reply to ON3WAB:

John closed the station (still raining) shortly after 0900 on the 1st January after final calls on 2m FM, 160 CW and 80m CW/SSB.

Thanks to all SOTA stations who kept him company throughout the night.
His detailed and comprehensive report will be posted once he has caught up with his sleep.


In reply to G4SSH:
hi john
sorry i missed you
job well done ,
all the best for 2008
73s robert M3PQQ

In reply to G4SSH:

Can I say that it gave me a real buzz to get home from a New Years Eve party and work John at 0130 on 80, particularly as I had to cut through the alcoholic haze and use the full DSP facilities of the 857 to winkle him out from under assorted teleprinters!

Thanks for a great start to the radio year, John, I hope you were snug in that tent - preferably with a bottle of malt to snuggle up to!

Did you snag any good DX?


Brian G8ADD